E-Commerce Website and Promotional Print

C2 was created by a New England native who wanted to design clothes they wished they had for themselves when they were out on their bike long after everyone else had hung it up and headed to the gym. The business was built on a core belief that whether you are cycling, hiking or running, the weather shouldn’t keep you from doing what you love.

C2 talked to us about promoting their business and gaining traction in a competitive area. They already have a loyal following but needed to expand their reach. We started by discussing the advantages she has that her competitors did not have which produced a surprisingly long list.

Using these advantages to highlight her unique products, we built an e-commerce website with easy navigation and a platform for shopping online – clear and descriptive photographs and text, and simple checkout and payment option. We backed this up with targeted promotional print – a descriptive brochure and a concertina fold to be included in the product package that customers receive in the mail. A nice little unexpected read to find in your order!