Finding solutions for a design problem can sometimes be a daunting task. There are times when the answer comes in a flash, in a dream or in the shower and it works! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was the norm? Unfortunately, it happens rarely. The reality is rather more work intensive and I have found that patience and brainstorming gets you to the solution in the end. Accept that you have to go through this part of the process to get to a more refined and filtered thought stream.

Your first idea unfortunately is seldom the best or the most creative – it’s usually the most obvious. The worst thing to do is keep working at a bad idea – discard it and brainstorm alternative answers.

Brainstorming, whether with yourself or with others is a most effective problem-solving technique. By pushing one mind or several minds to focus on solving a problem is sure to bring different creative solutions to light.

What if the first idea turns out to be the right solution? Well, lucky you! It was only by looking at other options and weighing the pros and cons could you determine that the first one was the correct solution after all.

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