The hot weather we in New England have been waiting for, is finally here – at least for a couple of days. So what a wonderful coincidence to receive a surprise box of ice cream, all cleverly packed in dry ice. If you have never tried this ice cream, you are missing one of life’s wonders. You will become a fan instantly!










But there is more to rave about. Not only is their ice cream scrumptious and natural – their branding, website, and design is inspired. Its funky, bold, fun and creative. They have created an identity that flows seamlessly through all aspects of their marketing.

Here we have an example of of how to market a product successfully.

Define your brand.

Pretend  your brand is a person.

Look at what is driving your business.

Be consistent.

Build long-term relationships with your customers.

Develop a distinctive identity.

Know who your company is and stay true to it’s values.

Be creative, bold and daring.

So, check them out for a treat and a lesson in cool branding.

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