There is definitely confusion around this topic of the difference between Brand, Identity and Logo. In our last blog post, I briefly explained what Brand is and why your logo is not your brand.

So, what is your logo?

A logo identifies a company or product with a distinctive visual symbol.  It’s role is to identify and to create recognition and memorability. Pretend that you have just been introduced to your friend’s sister – her name is Beth. Her name does not describe her or what she does, but it does identify her. So, she becomes recognizable to you, and, hopefully memorable.

Part of a company’s image, is it’s Identity. This is based on a set of guidelines that keep the values and identity of a company consistent. All the collateral materials, style guides, visual interpretations including the logo, must work to support the brand.

There, you have it – by understanding the roles these three play, helps to place your business or product on the road to success.