If you have ever suffered from creative block, you will know how frustrating they can be. There are many reasons why these disruptive periods occur and they can be difficult to get past. 

Whatever the reasons, the most important thing is to meet the block face to face – don’t panic, sit back and think through why you may be experiencing creative “emptiness”, then find ways to work through it.

Try these ways to jump start your creative juices.

1. Get away from your desk or computer.

2. Involve yourself in an activity that is completely different to your daily work.

3. Take some time to dig deep into yourself – find the root of the reason for the block.

4. Go for a walk, run or ride a bike. Amazing how exercise releases the tensions that sometimes cause a creative road block.

5. Watch a funny movie – laugh!!

6. Get out of your comfort zone – go somewhere, do something that is exactly opposite to what you have always done.

I hear you saying – “These all take time away from my work as a creative and I have a deadline”. There is only one answer to this – if you don’t address the creative block you are experiencing, you will meet your deadline but with an uncreative solution. Is that the answer?

Think of it as a roadblock like the photo above. Once the road has been fixed, the potholes filled, the signs taken down, the road ahead is open and you are good to go!

So, shake things up, stir up the creative stew and see how creativity will start flowing again.