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With all the font options available to website designers, it’s impossible to say which are the best ones to use. Luckily, the decision to find the right font can be simplified by thinking about some fundamentals – not all typefaces are compatible with website design.

A few things to consider:

  • The font.
    Serif or sans serif? Number of typefaces – limit the number you use as using many font styles not only confuses the design but slows down your webpage. Select a typeface that is compatible with modern web interfaces used on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Message.
    Make sure your selection matches the look and feel of your message – does it work well with the images, color palette, and the mood?
  • Readability.
    Always consider space, size of screen, number of characters per line. People don’t like to read so make it as easy as possible to get your message across.

Here are a some typefaces that we have used and liked. Most of them have a wide range of weights to choose from. Sans Serif : Gotham, Open Sans, Roboto (this comes in slab also), Whitney. Serif: Didot, Baskerville and Libre Baskerville which is based on the classic Baskerville, Mrs Eaves (comes in small caps too).

With so many fonts to choose from, it may feel daunting to select the right typefaces for your website design, but by working through the fundamentals and deciding on the tone you want to create with the design, you can be sure that the perfect typeface can be found.