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Read this Case Study and you might recognize yourself.

Bert has a recycling business but he is struggling to get new customers. Recycling is required by most towns and states, it is on most peoples “to do” list, we have all become much conscious of the importance of recycling and saving the environment, so why doesn’t Bert get more interest in his company?

So we asked him some basic questions….

“Do you promote your business in any way?”

“Do you have a website?”

“Do you participate in social media.”

“Have you created a brand for yourself so that people recognize you?”

The answers to all these questions should be an easy “yes” but Bert replied with an astounding “No”!

If this scenario is familiar to you, waste no more time – we can help you take the first steps on the visibility ladder. Don’t remain invisible. Businesses need a marketing plan and the first step is a website.