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There you are at a networking event and you are asked the usual question – “What do you do?” At this point, there are two things you can do – one is to launch into a long description of your business, how you started, where you work, your kids, your pets. (Watch for eyes glazing over.) The other thing you can do is describe your business in five words or less. These buzz words will give your listener a quick summary of what you do and what your company culture is, and you will know instantly if they are intrigued enough to want to know more.

Create a list of buzz words that you feel comfortable using in a conversation. They make a great introduction which you can expand on as your listener asks for more information.

Stay away from the cliches – if your company is fun to work with, use FUN. That is an important one we use, because everyone would rather have fun working! If you are having a problem with isolating the right buzz words for your company, do a quick survey among your colleagues and employees – they will give you a great idea of your company culture.

So – get buzzing, and make those networking events work for your business.

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