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Under 30 years old? You are likely to scoff at direct mail – “it’s so old fashioned”!

Well – think again, Direct Mail is having a revived popularity.

Certainly, technology has changed direct mail, with most people switching to email marketing. But, to completely dismiss this useful marketing tool would be a big mistake as there are some very good reasons to think about creating an effective program.

1. Direct Mail.

One of the best things about direct mail is that you can really target your audience by buying or renting lists that meet your criteria, so you save time and money by only sending to prospects who are likely to be interested in your product or subject.

All mail arriving in our mail boxes is diminishing so this increases the opportunity for an eye catching mailer to be seen and looked at.

A direct mail piece gets attention – it arrives in the mail and you have to physically handle it, look at it and decide it you are going to open it or dump it in the trash. The way to grab the recipients attention and avoid your precious mailer going into the recycling bin is to design a unique and different piece which will be impossible to ignore – it will get opened, guaranteed.

Even with the expense of designing, printing and mailing a direct mail piece, you are likely to get a better response rate than email. The Data and Marketing Association states that there is an upswing in direct marketing – the average response rate being 5%.

2. Email.

Sending to an email list means sending to everyone regardless of whether they are truly your potential customers so you would have to send to many more to get the same return.

The  competition on the internet is on overload – all competing for customers, so it is very easy for your message to get ignored or lost in the noise.

3. Combination of the two.

Of course, it is the digital age, so the ideal marketing strategy leverages the best of both print and digital. Deliver your message via mailbox, social feeds and email marketing. Direct mail is ideal for collecting email lists, getting a direct response via email, phone, or return card, direct links to your website, reminders to go online, creating added visibility.

This is an example of a direct mailing we have designed for The Old House Whisperer. A three fold mailer sent to a targeted list of owners of historic old homes, specifying their home value – a very specific list, ensuring response from the appropriate audience. The mailer offers options of response – return card, phone and website, www.oldhousewhisperer.com so all bases covered.