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We just launched the e-commerce website for Meraki – We Live Like This. www.merakiwelivelikethis.com – Apparel and accessories that perfectly reflect the way we live, whether it be at the gym, on the go, or out on the town. 

This fearsome foursome – Kim Lively (owner of the Meraki stores located in Newburyport MA and Portsmouth NH), Photographer – Amanda Ambrose of Amanda Ambrose Photography, Elease Colcord – blogger of Sunny Side of Something  and Jessamyn Anderson of Dingo Creative worked closely together to help launch the e-commerce website for Meraki

This was collaboration at it’s best. A group of like minded people with a shared vision is what it takes to bring a brand truly alive online.

So, what does “bringing a brand alive” mean?

Tell your story – in words, pictures and design.

To have a successful brand, it needs to emotionally connect with the viewer. Strategic storytelling is  a powerful tool, and it can be achieved in a variety of ways – with words, pictures and design. With the Meraki website, we had abundant talent –  Amanda Ambrose of Amanda Ambrose Photography excelled with her beautiful photography.  Amanda brought in Elease Colcord, blogger of Sunny Side of Something (hilarious blog you must follow) to model the products and captured the essence of the Meraki brand. Jessamyn Anderson of Dingo Creative brought everything together with her instinctive sense of design and visual storytelling in a compelling website.

By collaborating on the Meraki story, we brought a wonderful group of talented #mumbosses together which resulted in bringing this brand to a new level – there’s only one way to go now and that is upward!

We also all live on Plum Island and our kids are besties – but that’s another story!

We invite you to check out this beautiful collaboration.