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That may work for your virus symptoms, but an aspirin won’t work when your computer is facing a virus attack.

So what do you do? Where do you go? Most people ask these questions as well as wanting to know the best protection for their PC or their Mac. By the way, one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to virus protection is that Macs don’t need to be protected. There are many different anti-virus programs on the market all offering different features and services, but well recommended for PC are McAfee, Kaspersky and BullGuard. For your Mac, ESET, Panda and Avast! are just a few of the top Mac-compatible recommendations.

Don’t wait till your computer gets a virus – and you get a stress headache…now you can take the aspirin! Invest in a good anti-virus solution and avoid the headaches.

The reviews here will help you to compare software: http://anti-virus-software-review.toptenreviews.com/