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Michael Scott: “The Office”.

“I hate, hate being left out. Whether it’s not being picked for a team… or being picked for a team and then showing up and realizing the team doesn’t exist. Or that the sport doesn’t exist! I should’ve known. “Poop ball?”

1. Everyone on a team is equal.

2. Each person on a team is called upon to use his or her unique skills.

3. Real communication on a team cannot be dominated by one or two individuals.

4. Organization of teamwork is not a “top-down” organization. There is not a “president” or “boss”. Team pic

5. Opinions are unique; if a team is to be successful each person must share their unique opinions.

6. Each person of a team must be willing to develop their unique skills with teamwork training.

7. Teamwork calls upon the individual to merge their concepts and ideas with others.

8. True teamwork can never be accomplished by one individual telling others what to do.

9. Teamwork can get a task done quicker when many people are involved.

10. There may be times when a task may take more time due to the diversity of opinions, however, when the team makes a decision the results will be powerful!

Simply stated – teamwork is less ME and more WE.