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This report shows that you need to carefully consider your content depending on your industry and which social media arena you place it.

See how each social network is different across companies.

  • LinkedIn found traction in wine & spirits, luxury goods & jewelry and airlines/aviation industries, with these posts having the highest average interactions per post. Interestingly enough, pharma has the highest average followers but isn’t the top performer.

  • If you’re in sports or entertainment, Facebook is where you want to be. These businesses see the top average of followers, posts per month and likes/shares/comments/reactions per post.

  • If you’re in the music industry, Instagram and Twitter is where it’s at. On Twitter, the average likes/retweets is 1,745. On Instagram, the average is 58,546 likes and comments.

  • Businesses on Instagram see better engagement than on Facebook. Engagement is 10 times higher on Instagram, in fact. But when Instagram took a monetization strategy, its engagement ratio fell by nearly a quarter.

The full report is available free on TrackMaven’s site.