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A client of mine asked the question “Do I need to blog for my business?” And my answer is always, YES, you need to blog. Here are the reasons why:

  • Drive traffic to your website:
    Developing relevant content for your customers as a marketing tactic to drive traffic back to your website. Posting links to your social media from your blog will give your social followers a reason to click through to your website.

  • Increase your SEO/SERP (Search Engine Results Page):
    Use keywords in your posts. Its important to list the keywords you want your business to be found with. Keywords on your website are a great way in which Google (and other search engines) find your site for these searched words.

  • Position your brand as an industry leader:
    The more you post that you are the expert in your field, the more likely your consumer will trust you to supply what they need.

  • Develop better customer relationships:
    Connecting with your customers by posting relevant information on your blog is a great way to a deeper connection. Build trust by being the expert. In turn, they will trust you and work with you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get writing!